How To Best Store Vegan Baked Goods

Vegan products are growing more popular as the globe evolves and the years pass. With that, it’s only a BATTER of time until you decide to open a vegan bakery. Keep in mind though, baking vegan goods is not the same as baking the usual ones and there are also differences in preserving vegan baked products. 

Wrapping vegan baked goods in cling film is the simplest method to keep them fresh. You may also store them in a firmly sealed food-safe bag to maintain its quality. Furthermore, it’s best to keep your vegan baked goods at room temperature to avoid hastening the staling process. 

Generally, if you aren’t going to consume the loaf within two or three days, you should refrigerate it. The only drawback is that storing bread for an extended period may cause it to lose its quality. In this article, I’ll discuss the best ways to keep baked products, specifically vegan ones. Aside from that, I’ll offer some advice on shipping vegan baked goods.

Wrap it Up in Cling Film 

How To Best Store Vegan Baked Goods

Cling wrap is indispensable in most kitchens since it has many uses and yours should have it too. Basically, by wrapping your vegan baked goods in cling wrap, you protect them from moisture and direct contact with air or oxidation, which helps them stay fresh. Aside from that, using cling wrap is also commendable for its ease of use. 

Go Biohome’s biodegradable cling wraps are a terrific cling wrap brand that I strongly recommend you try for storing your vegan baked goods. Their compostable cling wraps are extremely thick, flexible, and, most importantly, 100% safe to use in the microwave and the freezer. Glad’s cling wraps are another wonderful alternative because they are leak-proof, long-lasting, and microwave-safe.

Keep it in a Tightly Sealed Food-safe Bag

If you want to guarantee long-lasting freshness for your vegan baked goods, aside from wrapping them in cling wrap, I highly suggest you also use a tightly sealed food-safe bag to for storage. This effectively doubles the protection for your vegan goodies against oxidation and water leaks.

You can consider using 02frepak’s vacuum sealer bags. Their food bags are ideal for vegan pastries, particularly cookies, as they can help extend food shelf life by up to 3–6 times while preserving flavor and nutrition. Aside from that, they are really heavy-duty (they’re puncture-resistant), freezable, boilable, and microwaveable.

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Leave it at Room-Temperature

How To Best Store Vegan Baked Goods

After wrapping your vegan treats in cling wrap and storing them in food-safe sealable bags, the following step is to store them in a room-temperature environment. Why not put them in the fridge? Well, that’s simply because keeping your bread, whether vegan or conventional, in the refrigerator will only hasten the staling process. However, only in really hot weather should you keep your vegan treats in the fridge.

That being said, if you really intend to keep or enjoy your vegan bread at a later date (more than a week), you should store it in the refrigerator. The only disadvantage is that your bread will most likely not taste as nice as it did the first time you bought it.

Shipping Vegan Baked Goods

You now know how to properly preserve your vegan baked products. Now, I’ll discuss how you can ship them so they still taste delicious and arrive fresh wherever they are destined. First, remember the storage suggestions I mentioned earlier then consider the following when delivering vegan baked goods:

  • Boxes with Division: This storage approach is great for vegan cookies and cupcakes because by placing your vegan cupcakes in slots, you decrease their side-to-side motion and the dividers inside actually reinforce the box. Consequently, this will help keep your vegan cupcakes from squashing.
  • Go with the Fastest Shipping Method: Given that you already know how to keep your vegan items from oxidizing, your primary concern should be to find the most suitable and quickest delivery option. Any courier will suffice as long as it delivers your items in fewer than twenty-four hours, which is the best delivery length to maintain product freshness.
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Pretty much across the board, the best ways to store vegan baked products are as follows: 1) wrap them in cling film, 2) keep them in a tightly sealed food-safe bag, which is wonderful for doubling the oxidation protection, and 3) leave them at room temperature to avoid expediting the staling process. These techniques of storage can also be employed when shipping vegan baked products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep homemade baked goods?

Muffins,  waffles, bagels, quick bread, pastries, cakes, and cookies may be properly kept on the counter or in the pantry. Besides that, keeping handmade pastries in the refrigerator is recommendable as it can enhance shelf-life by 2-3 weeks, decreasing spoiling concerns such as mold development.

How long do vegan cupcakes last?

Vegan cupcakes store nicely in a closed container at room temperature for 2-3 days or up to a week in the fridge. They can also be frozen, frosted, or unfrosted but without any fresh fruit adornment, for up to 3 months.

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