Top 6 Best Selling Baked Goods in a Bakery

There’s no question that people love baked goods. Whether it’s a cake to celebrate an important milestone or just a warm loaf of bread to take home to the family, people seek out those good tasting treats day in and day out, and your bakery can take home a piece of that profit. But which items sell the best in a bakery?

The top 6 bestselling baked goods in a bakery are cakes, cookies, breads and rolls, cupcakes, sandwiches and wraps, and yeast-raised donuts.

What are your options as a bakery, and how can you get a piece of the pie, so to speak? Read on to find out more about those favorite baked goods and how you can leverage those favorites to make a profit. 

  1. Cakes
Top 6 Best Selling Baked Goods in a Bakery.

Whether it’s wedding cakes or birthday cakes, these are the most popular item purchased from bakeries. In some cases, your customers could be remembering your cakes for years to come, so it’s imperative that you create the best items that you can. 

What are some of the favorites? According to, those in the United States seek out pineapple upside down cakes, carrot, chocolate, red velvet, and German chocolate cakes the most. Don’t forget some other options that could net you some attention—while not quite the same, cheesecakes are also extremely popular. Perfect the cheesecake, and you can bring in even more customers through that avenue. 

  1. Cookies

The most versatile of items, the next most popular selling item in bakeries are cookies. Whether it’s making the perfect chocolate chip cookie or a decorated sugar cookie that’s Instagram worthy, it doesn’t matter—you can expect to sell a lot of these in your business. If you’re looking for the most popular flavors, states that chocolate chip, peanut butter, no bakes, sugar, and oatmeal are the most popular versions on the market right now. 

Because they’re cheaper to make and you can make them in large batches, they are also one of the best things to make for an up-and-coming bakery. You can make a lot of them at once while perfecting your technique, and in doing so, you can turn around a decent profit. 

  1. Bread and Rolls

Many expect bakeries to be rolling out loaves of bread day in and day out, and many are right—this still is one of the most popular options for bakeries today. What’s the reason? Making bread and rolls are easy. It’s very hard to mess up a traditional loaf of bread, and many of the supplies to make such a loaf are very affordable. 

It’s also very versatile. Breads and rolls are used for a variety of different things, and unless someone is gluten-free, they’re more than likely to eat a piece of flour-based bread during their day than anything else. People are also more likely to eat or use breads than any of the cakes or cookies on the list—those tend to be used for important dates or celebrations. Bread, on the other hand, is an everyday baked good. 

If you’re looking to mix things up a bit for the group of people looking to buy breads or rolls, consider any other savory pastry like a croissant or a scone. Croissants can function in the same way bread does when it comes to sandwiches, and they can add a special treat to your customers’ days. 

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  1. Cupcakes

While cupcakes are one of the best-selling items in the bakery, it’s no surprise—if your customers are looking for a taste treat similar to a cake without purchasing the whole cake, they’re going to hunt for the right flavor of cupcake.

Top 6 Best Selling Baked Goods in a Bakery.

According to, if you’re offering red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, carrot, and strawberry cupcakes, you’re on the right trackcustomers are looking for those items almost exclusively. 

  1. Sandwiches and Wraps

It’s not all breads and cakes that your bakery can capitalize on! When people come into a bakery, they’re also looking for something to eat then and there, and that’s why sandwiches and wraps are so high on your bakery list. Whether you’re selling wraps on flat bread that you baked that morning, or you’re using one of your favorite loaves to create those sandwiches for your customers, make sure each item has a touch of what baked goods you’re known for. 

  1. Yeast-Raised Donuts

With the globalization of so many coffee and donut chains like Dunkin’, The Donut Shop, or Tim Hortons, it’s no surprise that people love their donuts. 

According to, the most popular donuts are cake donuts, crullers, apple fritters, old-fashioned, and glazed. While some of these aren’t necessarily yeast-raised, it’s important to mention them—especially with so many people liking the apple fritters and crullers. Consider adding them to your menu, and you  won’t be disappointed. 

What Bakery Items Should You Avoid?

There are some that just don’t sell as well as the others, so consider the following before you add them to your menu:

  • Baklava
  • Turnovers
  • Cake pops
  • Cookie bars
  • Mini pies
  • Rice Krispie treats
  • Unique flavors of any baked good

Why are these so unpopular? It varies. Sometimes, people don’t recognize the flavors. Other times, they’re items that they can make easily at home. Occasionally, it comes down to literally the number of calories in the item. Make sure you consider your options before adding them into your rotation, but also remember that depending on where you’re selling and who you’re selling to, these items could change and actually be popular. Before you sell, look at your niches and your demographics to see if there’s a market for these items. 

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How to Determine Your Niche

If you consider how many standard food items that were created by accident, make sure you’re not limiting yourself to just these items, either! According to HowStuffWorks, in the United States, the top favorite baked goods are apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, bagels, cream puffs, cornbread, blueberry muffins, whoopie pie, red velvet cake, banana bread, and pretzels. 

This is a different list than the ones listed above, and you can use it to your advantage. There are ways to integrate America’s favorite baked goods into your bakery to make those the most popular items you sell. For example, consider creating a special for red velvet cakes to capitalize on that favorite treat. You can also make sure to always have chocolate chip cookies on the menu. Cornbreads and banana breads are also some favorites, which you can integrate into your bread offerings. 

You should also consider regionally what people enjoy. Whether you’re in Racine, Wisconsin and enjoying a Danish Kringle, Texas sheet cake out of the Lone Star State, apple cider donuts out of New England, beignets in New Orleans, Boston cream pie out of Beantown, or even the Persian out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, you never know what new treat or old favorite may come out of your bakery. If you find your region doesn’t have something that they flock to that’s quintessentially them, maybe it’s time to develop your own. Consider looking at the ancestry and demographics of your region—are there any cultural baked goods you could create? Look into your own culture to see what you can bring to the masses. 

Top 6 Best Selling Baked Goods in a Bakery.

Whether you’re looking to create the most profitable menu for the start of your new bakery or are just looking to broaden your existing bakery’s offerings, you’re in luck. All of these items will net you a profit. One important thing to remember when you’re shifting around your menu? Be sure to market your new items. Especially if you’re developing your own baked good or have created your own spin on an old favorite, if people don’t know about what you’ve done, you won’t be able to sell them and gain the popularity you deserve. Use your websites, social media, and all other marketing outlets to let your customers and potential customers know what you have to offer and what you have in store for the future. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell homemade baked goods out of my house?

Yes, you can, due to the Cottage Food Law. Depending on your location or state, you may have a Cottage Food Law that allows the manufacture and sale of certain homemade food products. Those selling items are considered “low risk”—those items less susceptible to bacterial growth and can stay fresh without refrigeration—can be sold out of an individual’s home. Check your state law to see how it could affect you. 

How much money does it take to start a bakery?

Due to the cost of equipment, a storefront or space in your home, permits, insurance, furniture, marketing, a way to take payment, and creating your inventory, expect to spend between $10,000 and $50,000 to start your bakery. If you keep it small and don’t hire on anyone else while maintaining your business out of your home, you can keep those costs low. For more information on how to get grants or loans to start your business, you can find out more about at the Small Business Administration website.

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