Small Bakery Equipment List and Prices 

Equipping your bakery seems like an easy task, provided you have carefully planned your business and prepared for the steps ahead of its launching. When it comes to planning, small bakeries typically require more forethought, particularly when it comes to purchasing pieces of baking equipment. Luckily, I have compiled a list here of the various equipment with corresponding prices. 

Bakery equipment needed for a small bakery: 

  1. Baking Oven: $400-$3,000
  2. Mixer: $49-$2,000
  3. Sturdy Work Tables: $100 for a 24×24 work table
  4. Freezer: $200-$500
  5. Dough Sheeter: for as low as $1,000
  6. Display Cases: $160-$14,000
  7. Proof Box: for as low as $199
  8. Shelf Rack: for as low as $100
  9. Food Processor: $15-12,000

A bakery enterprise requires high-quality, up-to-date baking equipment. But still, it is not financially feasible for a small or fledgling bakery business to have all the baking equipment at once. In this post, I’ve outlined the required baking equipment for a small bakery business with their prices to help you get a headstart on budgeting.

Baking Oven

Small Bakery Equipment List and Prices

Of course, you’ll need an oven because it’s the appliance you’ll use the most for baking. Depending on your preferences and budget, you may choose between an electric oven and a gas oven. To reduce space, I strongly recommend opting for an electric type. You might look into Amana’s Freestanding Electric Range, which costs $499.99. 


A mixer is also necessary for simpler stirring, egg beating, whisking, and even kneading, which you can get for as low as $30. I strongly advise you to get Dash’s Electric Stand Mixer, which costs $44.99. It’s quite versatile for the price.

Sturdy Work Table

It’s also essential to have a work table where you will prepare all your ingredients and do other baking tasks. You can get one (24×24) for as low as $100. The cost will vary based on the brand and size so it all comes down to your budget and store size.


Although most baked goods do not need to be refrigerated, a freezer is still required especially for keeping decorative cookies and cakes made ahead of time. For a small bakery business, you can acquire a freezer on Amazon, ideally one that costs between $200 to $500.

Dough Sheeter 

You should also put a dough sheeter on your buying list. Surely, a basic dough roller will suffice in making your dough. That being said, I strongly advise you to invest in dough sheeters since they make the job easier and will help keep your business running at a profitable rate. You can find dough sheeters on Amazon for as low as $1,000. 

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Display Cases

Small Bakery Equipment List and Prices

A bakery business must showcase its baked offerings, whether it’s small or big. This is where display cases will come in handy. You can find display cases on Amazon and eBay for as low as $160 perfect for your small bakery business. 

Proof Boxes

Proof boxes are another piece of baking equipment you should spend on because they considerably assist the dough in rising at the proper temperature, resulting in consistent outputs. These proof boxes are available in various sizes, so you can select one that fits your budget and requirements. I especially recommend Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer, which costs $199.95, for your small bakery business. 

Shelf Rack 

You will also need shelf racks for your mini bakery for storing your baked goods. The pricing may differ depending on their size. On Amazon, you may get a 10-tier/sheet shelf rack for your small bakery business, such as the Proofeshaw Bun Pan Bakery Rack, which costs $129.99. 

Food Processor 

You should also include a food processor on your bakery equipment shopping list. It can greatly help you save time chopping and grating baking ingredients. For instance, when crushing nuts, you can save more time with a food processor. You can get one for as low as $15 on Amazon. 

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All in all below is the list of the pieces of bakery equipment needed for a small bakery: 

  1. Baking Oven: $499.99 for Amana’s electric range type. 
  2. Mixer: For as low as $30. You can get Dash’s Electric Stand Mixer which costs $44.99
  3. Sturdy Work Tables: You can get one (24×24) for as low as $100.
  4. Freezer: You can buy a freezer on Amazon, ideally for between $200 and $500.
  5. Dough Sheeter: Dough sheeters are available on Amazon for as little as $1,000. 
  6. Display Cases: You can get them either on Amazon or eBay for as little as $160.
  7. Proof Box:  $199.95 for Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer.
  8. Shelf Rack:  $129.99 for Proofeshaw Bun Pan 10 tier/sheet Bakery Rack.
  9. Food Processor:  Amazon has food processors for as little as $15.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most crucial piece of baking equipment?

Ovens are the most essential piece of equipment in a bakery since it is the primary unit for quick baking. Electric and gas ovens are appropriate for commercial use. Electric ovens, in general, are said to be useful for baking crispy and textured cookies and puffs.

How does one go about starting a small bakery?

You may establish a small bakery business by 1) writing a solid business plan, 2) obtaining the appropriate permissions and licenses, 3) creating a brand for your bakery, 4) securing finance, ideally an SBA microloan, and 5) finalizing your baked offerings and their prices.

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