Seven Marketing Tips for Your Newly Opened Bakery

You started your bakery with the intention of making a profit. For this reason, keeping a close eye on your financials and inventory is important, especially not forgetting about marketing.

The seven marketing tips for a newly opened bakery are getting involved in the community, by using social media, offering discounts and coupons, having a grand opening, sponsoring local events, giving out samples, and advertising in local publications.

The success of any bakery depends on a well-thought-out marketing and sales plan, regardless of whether you sell croissants, donuts, buns, or specialize in healthy gluten-free pastries and the like. Without a marketing roadmap, it will be difficult to attract new customers, boost bakery sales, and raise the profile of the bakery’s brand.

Get involved in the community

Seven Marketing Tips for Your Newly Opened Bakery

Getting involved in your community is one good way to promote your newly opened bakery. Start by visiting local farmer’s markets and festivals, giving out samples of your baked goods in the neighborhood, and talking with the locals about your business. Consider partnering with other local businesses to increase your visibility and join community organizations to make connections and get your name out there. 

Also, make sure you attend networking events or join networking groups so that you can talk with potential customers and gain more exposure since your business is new in the area. By taking the time to build relationships with people in your community, you can help spread the word about your new business and attract customers.

Use social media

Social media can be a powerful tool to help promote your newly opened bakery. It is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience.

Start by creating accounts on all major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use these accounts to post regular updates about your bakery, such as new products, upcoming events, and promotions. You can also use them to engage with your customers and provide customer service.

Utilize the various features that each platform offers to make your posts stand out. For example, create stunning visuals for Instagram and create engaging videos for YouTube. 

Lastly, remember to monitor your social media accounts for feedback from your customers. Respond promptly to positive and negative comments, as it is important to show that you value their opinions.

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Offer discounts and coupons

For a newly opened bakery, offering discounts and distributing coupons are great ways to show potential customers that you are committed to giving them the best value for their money. These can be offered in many ways, such as a percentage off of their purchase, buy-one-get-one-free deal, or even loyalty programs where customers can earn points towards future purchases.

Moreover, these marketing programs will not only help to increase your sales but also create brand loyalty among your customers. When launching a discount or coupon strategy, make sure that you consider the costs associated when offering them as well as the impact they will have on your profit margins.

Have a grand opening

Seven Marketing Tips for Your Newly Opened Bakery

A grand opening is an awesome way to get attention to your new bakery and attract customers. Consider having a ribbon-cutting ceremony with local dignitaries, inviting a live band to perform, and giving out free baked samples to attendees. Invite media and other local businesses to grace your bakery opening and be sure to post about the event on your social media accounts. 

In addition, have a prize drawing or give away free items to get people excited about the latest bakery in town. Make sure that you have plenty of products on hand so that everyone can sample the baked goodies you have to offer. With some planning and effort, your grand opening will be a success.

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Sponsor local events

Getting involved in local events can pave the way for your new bakery to be recognized and talked about. Sponsoring a local event is a great way to get the word out about your entry into the market and increase brand awareness. If you sponsor an event, you can set up a booth with samples of your bakery items and distribute your business flyers, banners, and other marketing materials in the venue. 

Make sure to widely promote such event sponsorship to get people excited and create a buzz about your bakery. Additionally, sponsoring events is a great way to build relationships with potential customers, and it’s a chance to show that you care about your community.

Give out samples

An effective way to get people interested in your bakery is to give out samples of your pies or cake. If customers try your product and like it, they’ll be more likely to come back and buy again. You can either give out free samples to passersby or set up a sampling station at a local store. 

Just make sure you’re following any local regulations related to food sampling and that you’re applying safe practices. You could also offer discounts for customers who sample your products so that they are incentivized to give them a try. Giving out samples is a sure way to get people talking about your bakery and keeping them interested in what you offer.

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Advertise in local publications

To advertise in local publications, start by researching local magazines, newspapers, and newsletters relevant to your target audience and have good readership numbers. Next, create an advertisement about your newly opened bakery that stands out, one that will make people want to visit your bakery. Make sure to include your logo and complete contact information so customers can find you easily. 

Lastly, track the response to your ad to measure its success and use this data to optimize future marketing campaigns. With a well-crafted advertisement in the right publications, you can reach more potential customers and boost bakery sales.

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For a newly opened bakery, marketing efforts need to be undertaken to achieve brand recognition, generation of business leads, and realize sales. Some marketing tips you can use are getting involved in your local community, by using social media, offering discounts and coupons, having a grand opening, sponsoring local events, giving out samples, and advertising in local publications.

Some people believe that getting started is the most challenging aspect of the baking industry. Yes, it’s going to take a lot of work, and you may have some nervousness and sleepless nights as a result. Nonetheless, a marketing plan for your new business can get your bakery up and running, and make it a popular destination in addition to maintaining operations and gaining good sales. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seven Ps of marketing?

The 7Ps of marketing are product, place, promotion, pricing, physical evidence, people, and processes. The 7 Ps comprise the marketing mix that a company or business must have in order to advertise a product or service.

How does a bakery achieve success?

Customers and good products are key to a bakery’s success. Satisfied customers are more likely to return after having a memorable experience in the place of business. Ask for customer feedback while conversing with them,  and occasionally request product suggestions.

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