Five Social Media Post Ideas For Your Bakery

Having a physical bakery shop can be enough for a business. However, to become a legend in the BAKING, you need to start establishing an online presence as well. To accomplish so, you must continuously post a variety of content on numerous social media networks.

Five of the best social media post ideas for bakery businesses are: 1) Showcasing your pastries, 2) DIY baking tips, 3) Behind-the-scenes footage, 4) Customer reviews or testimonials, and 5) ASMR baking. 

Social media provides you with an expansive scope of materials that you can use for your bakery’s social media channels. Several forms include Instagram Reels, articles, and vlogs, among other things. In this article, I’ve listed five social media post ideas that I’m optimistic would be beneficial to your bakery business, particularly in terms of improved engagement.

Showcase Your Pastries

Five Social Media Post Ideas For Your Bakery

A simple presentation of your baked products is a terrific social media post idea. This might be a collection of images or a feature video. If you want to make a more engaging feature of your pastries, I highly recommend utilizing Instagram Reels, which will make it a lot more exciting through editing and the use of effects and music. This is significant since it allows consumers to see exactly what your bakery has in store for them.

This is also recommended if you specialize in customized pastries since it allows customers to see how your personalized cakes or cupcakes turn out, which will most likely attract them to order from your bakery business.

DIY Baking Tips 

A video on Do-it-Yourself baking or other baking advice is another fantastic post idea for your Facebook or Youtube account. This is an easily engaging material since it will not only entertain your followers but will also teach them a thing or two about baking. One study revealed that factual or rational materials receive greater interaction, particularly likes on Instagram, than emotional content.

You may produce short videos, like Youtube shorts, on simple DIY cookies, cupcakes, and other treats. When it comes to other baking tips, you can cover topics such as baking substitutions, time-saving baking pointers, or even a guide to decorating a cake. Any theme will suffice as long as it is related to baking and will help you captivate viewers.

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Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Aside from DIY baking videos, BTS footage is an excellent social media post for a bakery. In addition to offering insights into how a product is baked or service in a bakery is rendered, behind-the-scenes clips assist in humanizing a brand effectively. This is how you can connect with your consumers on a deeper level. 

Aside from that, posting BTS footage may aid in the development of brand trust. For example, revealing to your clients that you safely prepare their favorite pastries will effectively give the idea that your bakery business can be trusted.

Customer Reviews or Testimonials 

Five Social Media Post Ideas For Your Bakery

Positive client evaluations or testimonials are other wonderful choices for your bakery’s social media content. You may use them as captions or edit them on your photos. If you don’t mind spending extra time editing, you may also present them as a video.

Customer reviews will help you efficiently market your bakery since posting them is another sort of word-of-mouth marketing. And, as we all know, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful types of marketing.

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ASMR Baking

Last but not least, an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) baking video is also a great idea to use when posting on your social media accounts. This material will undoubtedly increase your social media engagement because ASMR videos are so addicting owing to the profound relaxing effect they provide.    

You may create an ASMR video of your mixing, kneading, whisking, and other baking processes. It’s also a wonderful idea to collaborate with other content creators and have them create an ASMR video while eating your baked goodies is also a wonderful idea.

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Altogether, the following are the five finest social media post ideas ideal for bakery businesses: 1) showcasing your pastries, 2) DIY baking techniques, 3) behind-the-scenes film, 4) customer evaluations or testimonials, and 5) ASMR baking. There are additional forms of effective social media postings available. Regardless, each of these bakery social media post ideas will almost certainly help you expand your social following and, as a result, popularize your bakery business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you promote a bakery business on Facebook?

Some of the ways you can promote a bakery on Facebook are as follows: 1) Posting entertaining videos, 2) Using a content plan for better content strategizing, 3) Going with an eye-catching profile image, 4) Networking with your competition, 5) Posting events, and basically, 6) Written word.

What is the ideal social media platform for bakers?

Because Facebook is still a prominent social networking tool, it is great for bakers. As a result, every bakery should have a Facebook presence. It is critical to ensure that the brand’s identity is represented on the page, to utilize consistent branding language in postings, and to grasp the many posting choices.

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