Five Reasons Why Running a Bakery is Hard

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you can’t easily establish and operate a bakery business. You can’t just go for it wherever the wind DOUGHS, especially when you run a bakery. That’s because running a bakery is difficult. This is why.

Running a bakery business is hard since bakers must begin the day early, work extremely long hours, utilize costly ingredients, and baked goods spoil rapidly. 

The baking industry is one of the most lucrative and well-liked in the world, and it is even thought to be recession-proof. Having said that, managing a bakery is challenging but some pointers might make running a bakery more simple for you.  

What Makes Running a Bakery Hard?

Five Reasons Why Running a Bakery is Hard

Owners of bakeries frequently deal with a variety of internal and external difficulties. From choosing the baking components to the price you should set for your products. Along with these issues, owning a bakery involves everyday problems such as dealing with suppliers, customers, and personnel, adhering to tight rules such as sanitation, acquiring permits, and looking for funds.

All things considered, owning and operating a bakery is hard and full of ups and downs. To give you a better insight,  here are some of the primary things that make running a bakery store challenging:  

1. You Need to Bake Early and Work Long Hours

Bakers must begin their days early because pastries often take a long time to bake. Even more so if the bakery is large and provides a wide variety of baked goods. Aside from that, bakers sometimes have to work late nights to clean dishes, refill inventory, and prepare for fresh shipments.

As a result, bakers will have little to no time for themselves or their loved ones. So, if you need to sleep or go on vacation, you’ll need someone trustworthy to step in.

2. Ingredients are Usually Expensive 

Another aspect that makes running a bakery difficult is the high cost of baking ingredients. Also, prices are often volatile, making budgeting difficult. Baking a cake, for example, became a more expensive undertaking in 2022, when the price of eggs, margarine, and flour climbed faster than overall prices in the previous year—a year when inflation hit its highest level since 1981, according to The Wall Street Journal.

3. Baked Products Spoil Quickly

The biggest aspect that, in my opinion, makes running a bakery a true pain is the rate at which baked goods perish. Pastries typically spoil fast, resulting in considerable profit margin loss. In essence, as your bread turns stale, you lose all of your financial investment in that product, therefore you must generate more revenue with every sale.

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Tips on Running a Bakery Business

Five Reasons Why Running a Bakery is Hard

Yes, operating a bakery business may be physically, emotionally, and financially punishing. I’m not suggesting you abandon your plans to create and operate a bakery. You should still do it, especially because there are things you can do to make running a bakery business much easier. They are as follows: 

1. Utilize the Latest Bakery Equipment 

Numerous advancements make life simpler in this day and age. I strongly advise investing in ovens, pastry racks, dough sheeters, pastry cases, and any other new bakery equipment. These will be quite beneficial to you and may make running a bakery much easier.

2. Hire Only the Best Bakery Staff

Of course, you’ll need a sufficient skilled workforce. You must pick personnel who are dependable and who you believe will save you a lot of time. I also advocate training your employees to ensure a smoother baking operation.

3. Use a POS System for Seamless Cost and Revenue Tracking 

It is also a good idea to invest in a Point of sale system as it may help you track your expenditures and earnings in perfect sync. Also, it may assist you in providing superior customer service, personnel management, and cost reduction, among other things.

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To summarize, owning a bakery business may be incredibly challenging since bakers must start the day early, work exceptionally long hours, use expensive supplies, and baked items degrade quickly, among other factors. This is not to say that you should not start a bakery business, especially since there are still advantages to doing so, such as its recession-proof nature, and there are things you can do to make bakery operations easier, such as hiring the best employees, using POS systems and the most up-to-date bakery equipment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges of being a baker?

Bakers always have tired bodies. They have a lot of hand and leg cramps but still, they have to push through. Mixing the dough, stirring ingredients, decorating with icing, and so on all demand bakers to exert a significant amount of muscles in their hands.

What abilities are required to manage a bakery?

Bakers must be able to strictly adhere to recipes and instructions. They should also be detail-oriented because many pastries and desserts require complex decorating. To properly mix recipes, weigh materials, or modify mixes, bakers must also have basic arithmetic abilities, particularly an understanding of fractions.

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